International Master of Landscape Architecture (IMLA)

Die Zukunft europäischer Landschaften gestalten - Umgang mit Planungssystemen und Marktkräften

Accreditation by AQUAS
Accreditation by ACQUIN

Informationen über IMLA

Exhibition of students' design works in Würzburg

Impressions exhibition opening 9th of February 2015

Würzburg City Hall, Upper Foyer, 9th - 25th of February 2015

Master Class on Design Critique

Noël van Dooren visited the IMLA programme from January 7th-9th this year.

Refining a faded jewel

Workshop-kick-off historic town hall Würzburg (photo 'Stadt Würzburg')

IMLA students develop new concepts for the Ringpark in Würzburg

Online Seminar on Green Infrastructure

The next online seminar will start on 28th of October. We will explore the concept of Green...

Landscape and the urban periphery - Project Report

IMLA students explored the periphery of Brussels during the ERASMUS intensive programme 'Integrated...