Christoph Dankers

IMLA graduate

"I sincerely enjoyed my time as an IMLA student. The programme allowed me to explore my ideas and at the same time, provided sufficient structure to help me achieve my goals. All lectures and projects were very well organized, diverse in topics and all-in-all provided a comprehensive over-view of what is possible in landscape architecture today. However, for me, the essential quality of the IMLA programme is not its well-developed and modern curriculum. It is the fact that it provides the opportunity for a very diverse group of students and lecturers to interact, work together and build friendships that go far beyond the time of the programme. It is that experience that helped me the most to develop not only professionally but also personally."

Partner of Bödeker Partner Landschaftsarchitekten / BPLA GmbH (with offices in Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Africa)