Mohammed Al-Khanbashi

IMLA graduate
Yemen – Saudi Arabia

"Attending the IMLA programme was one of my great decisions, due to its practical oriented concept with a variety of scales and topics concerning the field of landscape architecture. The diversity of multicultural students is one of the main characteristics of this programme, which provides a valuable international atmosphere of exchanging knowledge and ideas from different parts of the world. Additionally, a variety of workshops in Germany, Europe, and even outside Europe, strengthen the great value of the IMLA programme. These valuable features provide an intensive experience, and personally, it widened my horizon and way of thinking as well as helped me in developing my skills in different aspects."

2020: completion of the doctoral dissertation ‘The social construction and use of landscape and public space in the age of migration: Arab immigrants in Berlin’

Currently working at the University of Tübingen (Germany) as scientific employee, active in research and teaching