BDLA Awards for IMLA graduates

Two IMLA graduates have been awarded by the Bavarian section of the German landscape architecture professional association (BDLA). The award is given to the best final works of the academic year 2012/2013. The prices were given to Natalia Vergara (Colombia) and Roman Knorr (Germany).

Green infrastructure: Wetland El Burro in Bogota, author: Natalia Vergara

The thesis elaborated by Natalia Vergara is titled 'Wetland El Burro - Design of a methodology to be used for stating: the status, evaluation and opportunities of a chosen ecosystem'. Focused and applied to the Wetland of El Burro; located in the city of Bogota. To be considered as a new area of amusement and education for the community. The objective of this thesis was to develop a methodology by which both planning and design aspects can be considered equally in a process-oriented approach. The combination of different functions in condensed urban areas is an important aspect of this scheme providing an interesting case of green infrastructure planning.

Roman Knorr's work is titled 'Landscape experience and aesthetic landscape potential as initiators of sustainable regional development. Case study of a supraregional bicycle track across ancient Pamphylia'. His work was a follow-up of an IMLA project conducted in October 2013 in cooperation with the landscape department of Akdeniz University. The objective of this study was to assess the landscape potential of the hilly hinterland of the Antalya plain for individual tourism based on biking and hiking. The method combines objective and subjective approaches to landscape assessment. Based on this assessment, a biking route and various landscape development measures have been proposed.