Exploring Cross-Border Landscapes between Slovakia, Austria and Hungary

An international group of students and lecturers - including IMLA students of the current 2nd semester with their supervisors - took part in an international workshop at the STU (Slovak University of Technology), Faculty of Architecture, in Bratislava, in the time frame 17 – 24 October 2019.

This workshop including a participation in the Bratislava and Surroundings Conference 'Where does Bratislava begin and end?' and an all-day excursion to the project area was the kick-off for the International Student competition with the title 'Cross-Border Landscapes' which is organised in advance to the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum Bratislava 2020:


For the IMLA students the competition assignment is one out of two possible tasks for the so-called 'Main Project II' in winter term 2019/20.

The students have to develop new visions and ideas for the future development of the trinational urban landscape of Bratislava covering Slovak, Hungarian and Austrian territories, with a particular focus on the Bratislava metropolitan area on the Slovak side of the border, small rural settlements on the Austrian side of the border and the Three Countries Point where the borderlines between Slovakia, Austria and Hungary intersect.

This landscape corridor (approximately 20 km long) represents problems and challenges of the specific peri-urban landscape situation, where the dynamics of urban development of the growing Slovak capital Bratislava meet the international border and affect the surrounding rural municipalities and rural agricultural landscapes.