Future role of HSR Rapperswil in IMLA

HSR Rapperswil has to withdraw from IMLA step by step this and the next year

As IMLA is a joint venture of 3 Universities from 2 countries, IMLA is based on different governmental approvals. The Swiss Government's approval of IMLA included the condition that Berne is only willing to fund the study programme, if at least 10 students domiciled in Switzerland are enrolled per new academic year.

While this was the case in 2008, we had only 5 applications from Switzerland for the course starting in October 2009. With a total of about 35 acceptable applications the Swiss proposal to pause the course due to the lack of Swiss applicants was not acceptable for the 2 other IMLA partners.

As a result the HSR was forced by governmental decisions to withdraw the contribution to IMLA as a full partner. Of course this does not affect the running course started in 2008. In future HSR will take part in IMLA only as an associated partner.

Currently the remaining IMLA partner universities are in contact with a series of European Universities in order to discuss possible future partnerships.

Applications for the next course starting in October 2010 are to be received online by NĂ¼rtingen-Geislingen University, only.

Application deadline is July 15th.