Global collaboration on planting design

The online seminar 'International Perspectives on Planting Design' was organised by the IMLA team from October 2013 to January 2014. During the seminar, a huge number of individual and collaborative case studies from all over the world have been developed.

During the seminar a global audience worked on individual and collaborative case studies.

This seminar aimed to explore how landscape architecture is influenced by the various interpretations of nature in different cultural contexts. To what extent do these varying understandings still shape our design principles? And how much globalisation do we already encounter in these principles? 

The course consisted of a series of invited lectures during which the viewpoints of landscape architects form different part of the world will be presented and discussed. The participants worked in small intercultural teams and created various case studies.

The interactive case study map can be viewed here.

All seminar lectures and recordings are still available on the seminar wiki.

The next online seminar will start in October 2014. The subject will be 'Green infrastructure'. More information will be announced here and via other channels at the beginning of the fall semester.