IMLA Main Project I in Italy: excursion to South Tyrol

The students of the IMLA master course made a trip to the project area of the main project I to South Tyrol. They stayed upside of Bolzano at the "Ritten" area at "Haus der Familie" at Lichtenstern with a famous view to Schlern, Rosengarten and Latemar mountains. From there they visited three project sub regions Vinschgau, Unterland and Ueberetsch as well as the Puster valley. There took also part 10 students from the mastercourse "Nachhaltige Stadt und Regionalentwicklung" of university of applied sciences Nürtingen. The students were accompanied by Prof. Roman Lenz, Prof. Fritz Auweck, Prof. Alfred Ruther-Mehlis and  Prof. Harlind Libbrecht from Hogeschool Gent. Mr. Marsoner of EURAC at Bolzano is partner in the project and took part one day. Students could get information and impressions about structure, cultural heritage, tourism, city development, traffic, landuse and agriculture in the three subregions. This excursion was the introduction part of main project I. The students will work in groups in one of the subregions. Based on a analysis, they will work out the "Driving Forces" of changes and after that they will try to develop future visions and scenarios under certain frame conditions like climate change, agricultural changes, e.c.

The students were impressed of the high level of development in South Tyrol and for some of them it was the first opportunity to get in contact with snow. The message of one student: "This is a place I would like to live" shows up how much the students were impressed by landscape, culture and people in South Tyrol.

Fritz Auweck 14.04.16