IMLA students explore Ostia Antica

Cultural heritage and the urban periphery - the current main project deals with the area around the historical site of Ostia Antica, Rome's former harbour.

Ostia Antica and its surroundings represent a pluralistic landscape characterised by different layers patterns. These include transport infrastructure (the airport, railways and roads), agricultural activity, settlement structures, cultural heritage and archeological sites, as well as natural features such as the river Tiber (Tevere).

These conditions allow different ways of accessing and perceiving the landscape. It is important that Ostia Antica is not seen as an island, but as an integral part of the wider landscape. The process of planning requires a holistic consideration of the context of Ostia Antica and a method, which considers these different layers and their potentials.

This main project is organised by the IMLA team in Weihenstephan (Ingrid Schegk, Stefanie Gruber) in cooperation with the landscape architecture department at the University of La Sapienza in Rome (Fabio di Carlo, Paolo Camilletti) and the Hogeschool Ghent in Belgium.

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