International Online Seminar on Landscape Concepts

IMLA students attend international online seminar and discuss the concept of landscape.

screenshot seminar room

During the fall semester 2010/11 the new IMLA student group attended an international online seminar on landscape concepts. The seminar was organised by the IMLA universities together with the Universities of Kassel (Germany), EMU Tartu (Estonia), Clemson (USA) and the BIOS institute (Uruguay).

The course started with a theoretical introduction into the concept of landscape while the participants worked on an accompanying assignment in which they produced photos and small video clips of a landscape transsect at their location. During the second phase internationally composed small groups of students analysed case studies and derived conceptual ideas for future landscapes on this basis. Finally, a comparison of different national landscape concepts was done with the help of synchronous concept mapping.

The seminar results and various recordings of the accompanying lectures are publicly accessible on the seminar wiki.