International Project in Sarajevo: Recovering Trebevic mountain

The second year IMLA students are staying in Sarajevo from May 24 to June 6, 2015, working on integrated restoration concepts for Trebević Mountain. After coping with the impact of the civil war, the area is now ready to reconnect to its past as a famous and popular recreation area.

The workshop is hosted by the International Burch University and the Forestry Faculty of the University of Sarajevo and organized in cooperation with the IMLA Programme, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science in Sarajevo and the Association of Landscape Architects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The objective of this workshop is to analyze and understand the landscape of Trebević Mountain from multiple perspectives in order to develop sustainable and integrated concepts and measures for the mutual benefit of humans and nature. This activity is a direct follow-up of the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum, that was organized in May 2014 on the same location. The workshop focusses on the following key topics:

  • Landscape and nature protection
  • Recreation, leisure and tourism
  • Architecture, infrastructure and heritage
  • Governance, cooperation and reconciliation

A workshop documenation will be available soon.