International project in Transylvania: New Visions for Urban and Rural Landscapes in Reghin and the Gurghiu Valley

24 students of the International Master of Landscape Architecture program at the Hochschule Weihenstephan Triesdorf University in Germany together with 21 students from the Corvinus University Faculty of Landscape Architecture in Budapest, all together 10 different nationalities, were working on 4 different design projects in Reghin and the Gurghiu Valley. The projects purpose is to provide students with real life design experience while at the same time calling the attention of the public and local authorities to new potential in public space development

  1. The main square town "Piata Petru Major" as an open space design
  2. The New Park "Park Nou" a still underutilized large open space
  3. The Gurghiu Castle and its historic garden
  4. Landscape development concept for the Gurghiu valley

The students were divided in working teams of four (2 Corvinus and 2 IMLA students per team). After the first site visit the teams had to select there topic and start their systematic analysis of the site and its environment. Describe the characteristics ("Genius Loci") of the site including its history and use (past and contemporary). Evaluation of the results of the analysis with definition of the main needs (problem statement). Develop a concept to reaches the project goals following a clear vison of the future design and use. Describe and visualize project proposals specific to their site including details and proposed steps for implementation and financing. A final presentation was made on the 4th of June in Casa de Cultura where the Major and several members of the city where represented.