Learning Landscape – Zagreb Futurescapes: IMLA students develop new ideas and concepts for the Sava River in Zagreb, Croatia

During the last week of October 2018, 19 IMLA students took part in an intensive design workshop in Zagreb, Crotia.

Topic of this year's Main Project II is the task of the LE:NOTRE International Student Competition 'Learning Landscape – Zagreb Futurescapes'.

This student competition is part of the 8th Landscape Forum of the LE:NOTRE Institute which will be hosted by the School of Landscape Architecture, Department of Ornamental Plants, Landscape Architecture and Garden Art, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zagreb and will take place from April 9 – 13, 2019.

Students have to develop a landscape concept for the Sava River in Zagreb - a landscape corridor stretching roughly over 32 km. Sava is part of the urban landscape but after a catastrophic flood in 1964, the river was regulated and the connection between the city and its river got lost.

The workshop on site was a first part of the project work in the 2nd semester and organized by the IMLA team in Weihenstephan, in cooperation with the University of Zagreb. Students had the great chance to work in mixed teams with local students under the supervision of Ines Hrdalo, Monika Kamenecki (both: University of Zagreb), Birgit Schmidt, Ingrid Schegk and Stefanie Gruber (HSWT).

After the intensive workshop in Zagreb students will develop their concepts further, the IMLA project will last until the end of January. Submission for the competition is at the beginning of February, 2019.

The stay of the IMLA students on site in Croatia was supported by the programme 'Förderung des Studienerfolgs ausländischer Vollstudierender' of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science.