New IMLA start: 34 students from 16 different countries take up the programme

This spring, a group of 34 students from all over the world has started with the first semester of the IMLA (International Master of Landscape Architecture) programme, this year on the campus in Nürtingen. The students come from Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Turkey, the USA and Yemen.

Topic of this year's 'Main Project I' in the current summer term is 'Nürtingen Waterscapes'. In a first step the project teams develop a general landscape analysis of the Neckar river and its tributaries in and around Nürtingen, with a focus on the Tiefenbach Valley. This analysis requires a broader perspective - for example by taking the wider catchment area of the Neckar river into account - and needs to be reflected against the spatial, demographic and economics characteristics of Stuttgart Greater Region and the neighbouring region of Tübingen.
Based on their overall scenario for Nürtingen’s waterscapes all teams will elaborate a landscape development concept for the Tiefenbach Valley.
Each team is asked to specify three detailing areas along the selected river by which they will exemplify the local measures derived from the overall strategy. The teams are encouraged to design prototypes and test those by involving citizens, or to exhibit their findings outside or by digital means.

The project is led by Dr. Ellen Fetzer and has a close content-related link to the modules on IT, Planning and Design Methods and Planning and Project Management. In this context a 3-day workshop in the module 'Planning and Design Methods I' took place mid of May. Under the supervision of Prof. Ingrid Schegk the students developed ideas for the detailing areas 'Wörth' area and 'central bus station' in Nürtingen.

Additionally, the project is integrated into the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum Stuttgart Region from June 27 – July 1, 2023, in Nürtingen. More details about the Landscape Forum can be found here.