Online Seminar on Green Infrastructure

The next online seminar will start on 28th of October. We will explore the concept of Green Infrastructure. Registration period: 29.09. - 20.10.2014.

As urban sprawl and landscape fragmentation continue worldwide the concept of green infrastructure has recently been gaining increased attention from policy, research and practice. In a nutshell, green infrastructure (GI) aims at enhancing the connectivity, stability and productivity of green in its widest sense. The scope ranges from agricultural spots in the urban fringe, via urban brownfields to rooftop gardens in condensed city centres.

Landscape architecture has been promoting such integrated approaches but is of course not the only profession concerned with this task. In this seminar, we will explore how the concept is currently been understood by various European and international representatives. We will hear about case studies from both professional practice and research and reflect on the wider societal and environmental impact of green infrastructure.

The seminar is addressed to a worldwide target group of landscape architecture students or students from neighbouring disciplines interested in learning jointly about this emerging professional and academic field. Neighbouring disciplines are explicitly invited to attend as the subject depends on a multi-disciplinary approach.

Please check the seminar wiki for more information on the seminar schedule and the online registration.