Summer Term 2020: 38 students from 20 different countries starting in the IMLA programme

A new group of IMLA students from 20 different countries took up studies on the campus in Freising-Weihenstephan mid of March.
Due to the Corona virus situation almost all lectures had to be held online this semester. This situation was of course a great challenge for everyone - both students and lecturers - but was mastered by both sides with a high commitment.

Focus of the summer term 'Main Project I' was the green and blue infrastructure and its contribution to human wellbeing and health in the Freising / Dachau region in Germany.

At the end of the semester, the IMLA team was able to organise three events in attendance - of course in compliance with Corona related hygiene requirements:

An excursion on foot into the landscape on the outskirts of Freising, with regard to vegetation, ecology and land use, a whole day bus excursion related to the landscape southwest of Munich (with stops in Andechs, Murnau / Murnauer Moos, Bad Tölz and Pupplinger Au) and finally a preview on the upcoming second semester. The bus excursion was financially supported by the programme 'Förderung des Studienerfolgs ausländischer Vollstudierender' of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science.