The urban landscape of Sarajevo - Recovering Trebević Mountain

This brochure documents a follow-up of the third LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum held in Sarajevo in May 2014.

Recovering Trebević Mountain

Our group returned to this wonderful place end of May 2015 to continue the work with the great colleagues and students from the University of Sarajevo, the International Burch University and the Association of Landscape Architects in Bosnia and Herzegowina. Many thanks to everyone who helped us implementing this!

Sarajevans give us an impressive example by reconquering a landscape that has suffered a lot.
People want their mountain back as a place for recreation, wellbeing, contemplation and - identity.
This is a great achievement.

But still, multiple needs have to be balanced on Trebević. Landscape architecture can help making this process more sustainable and inclusive for everyone involved.

Please download our brochure to read more about this landscape and the students' alternative futures ideas.